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Drunk Mythology is a podcast recounting the feats and failures of world Mythology, with a few drinks along the way.

It all began in the fabled spring of ‘17. There I was, Christian Madonna, drinking a lot of wine and having a deeply philosophical conversation in which Krista Hunsicker recounted the tale of Cupid and Psyche and all the reasons it’s Beauty and the Beast. Her enchanting storytelling evoked the most splendid imagery with such fluid language as “the dude.” and “Nuh huh ladies.” etc. Our witty banter was laden with reference to mythological apocrypha, drawing out laugh after laugh from our crowd of two, and that is when the eureka moment hit us! Drunk History! No, that was a thing... But wait... DRUNK MYTHOLOGY! Our cat Mochi meowed in agreement. IT WAS DESTINY. That night we decided:

We should share these stories and (more importantly) our humor with the world!

And the rest as they say, was history... or rather mythology.


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