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Ep 58 - American Cryptids: Enter the Goatman

Amateur podcasters and even more amateur cryptozoologists Krista and Christian attempt to enter the world of their friendly neighborhood Goatman of Prince Georges County, Maryland and answer the question — does he have hoof hands for holding axes or ax hands for doing baaaad deeeds?

Also heads up, there is some mention of animal cruelty in the form of four-legged victims of the Goatman so if that’s not your bag you may want to skip some parts, but we’ll let you know when those pop up.

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Ep 57 - Kate and the Blood Drawing Ghost of Cork

It’s Spooktember as we delve into an Irish ghost story! Meet one ambitious big stick energy woman and the world’s most annoying ghost as they commit murderous hijinks and walk there and back again. Ain’t no man can keep a good Kate down, dead or alive.

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